my teardrops are vintage (filmfreak933) wrote,
my teardrops are vintage

a retraction of sorts

While I'm not "taking back" any of what I wrote in the last entry, I would like to say that I feel a lot better. I was really out of sorts that night. I'll attribute it to 2 of those people of the 3-4 mentioned feeling exceptionally shitty that night too. One called me from the hospital that night, and I didn't know the other was in a horrible mood while I was talking to him. I only found out the next day he was having an awful day and I in turn felt awful because I can't really do anything from here. Not that I could necessarily make things better if I was closer, but it seems more likely. Things seem to be okay for everyone now, or at least pushed aside for the time being. Three weeks and my house is mine again. It seems strange...
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