my teardrops are vintage (filmfreak933) wrote,
my teardrops are vintage


So the movie "The Babysitter's Club" was on tonight, so I had it on while I was eating (look, I adored everything about BSC my whole childhood) and I actually thought about the ages of the the movie, Stacey is 13 and goes out with a guy that is 17...did no one see anything wrong with this? That's potentially a senior in high school going out with an 8th grader.

A few days ago, Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style (one of their episodes that was really a t.v. movie) was on, and I caught a part of it. In it, Kelly, then 17, starts dating her grandpa's lawyer. Granted, I don't think his age was mentioned, but he's a fully functioning lawyer. We're talking minimum of 25 here. Again, something odd about a high school senior dating someone in their mid to late 20s. Funny, I never picked up on this before or thought anything weird about it as a child. Something tells me that wouldn't fly in children's entertainment today...
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