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Leroy says, "Aw, keep on rocking girl"

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my teardrops are vintage
1 September 1984
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i have been called random, eclectic, and fill in your own adjective here. i like:fireplaces, quotes/dialogues, taking things out of context, sharing things i find amusing with others and them not finding them funny and then laughing harder, my cat that i am allergic to, being a walking contradiction, staying up til 5 and waking up at 8, being someone's "after the fact" as well as someone's "just enough," having other people sum me up in sentence fragments. i hate:poor grammar/spelling, alarm clock sounds in television commercials, the south in general, being allergic to cats(as well as many other things), smelling like smoke, staying up til 5 and waking up at 8. birds are my biggest fear in life, and i have an unfounded fear of stepping on manhole covers. i get miserable when my feet get wet. i'm friends with all my ex boyfriends, and i don't care how weird you think that is. it is never warm enough to satisfy me. if i obtain nothing in life other than a family, i'll consider myself successful. dawson's creek was my favorite show of all time, i've loved degrassi since the 80s, and i'm okay with admitting i like "emo." i don't think this lowers my intelligence any. i'm just a fan of teenage drama, apparently. love writing, even though i think my "talent" peaked in high school creative writing club. i gnaw my nails until my fingers are too sore to bear (re:oral fixation, i'm assuming). i hate the taste of alcohol (thankfully). i'm pretty sure i'd be an alcoholic otherwise. i am more fascinated by gay men than by anyone in life, yet i don't know any personally, but someday i'll have a gay best friend. i'll keep my mouth shut normally unless you start pushing my buttons, which is damn near impossible. i rarely get very mad...maybe 2 people in my life have ever seen me get full-blown pissed. i used to post stupid pictures of myself in a sad attempt to get attention (i suppose). i'm past that now. i haven't heard i love you in ~3 years. i can tell within the first few lines of dialogue if i'm interested. i sleep with a stuffed polar bear named snowy that i got for my first christmas. i join certain communities just to laugh at others sometimes. i'm too stubborn. it's taken me 21 years to accept and even enjoy the fact that i'm shaped like a girl (re:t&a). i love dancing, but i only do it while drunk (~3 times a year). i always wear shoes, unless i'm asleep. i'm pretty fucking boring, and i'm okay with that. seeking out friends that don't need to go out to hang out.
a clockwork orange, accents, alf, alfred hitchcock, alkaline trio, are you being served, argyle, at the drive in, atari, baby things, before i go, bisexuality, black hair dye, black nail polish, bob dylan, books, boys in skirts, boys in tight pants, boys with long hair, brand new, bright eyes, caffeine, california, catcher in the rye, christina ricci, clerks, combat boots, concerts, cows, crying, cuddling, daisies, dashboard confessional, david sedaris, dawson's creek, dazed and confused, death cab for cutie, degrassi, don henly, dreams, driving, england, ettison clio, eyes, fire, fireplaces, forever ending, freudian slips, gay men, girls with short hair, goodfellas, great britain, guitar players, having my hair pulled, hugs, idealistic romance, incense, indie movies, indigo girls, intuition, ireland, irony, james vanderbeek, jim carroll, john lennon, kevin smith, kissing, laughing, lesbians, lip gloss, literature, logic, love, martin scorsese, massages, memories, michael stipe, modest mouse, monty python, movies from the 30s, my chemical romance, necks, not being a groupie, not sleeping, nudity, old school nickelodeon, paleness, pedro the lion, pheromones, piercings, platinum, poetry, poking people, polar bears, punk, r.e.m., reading, red dwarf, requiem for a dream, retro furniture, rings, rocky horror picture show, royal oak, sarcasm, saves the day, shag carpet, short fingernails, short of 1st, showers with people, sixteen candles, sleep, snow for christmas, soft skin, speaking french badly, stanley kubrick, stars, sushi, taking back sunday, talking, talking to myself, telepathy, the 80s, the anniversary, the ataris, the basketball diaries, the beatles, the cure, the doors, the get-up kids, the killers, the postal service, the promise ring, the queers, the rules of attraction, the virgin suicides, the weakend, thinking, thora birch, thrift stores, tongues, underwear, wally lamb, writing, yeah yeah yeahs

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