my teardrops are vintage (filmfreak933) wrote,
my teardrops are vintage

my life as of 9-7-06

Wedding quote: "They're Ukranian and Polish, but they all look Hispanic...I'm still trying to figure that out."
my new job at loomis fargo as a vault teller:
-on my feet the entire shift
-scary building with no windows
-repetitive as all hell
-I can't get my hands truly clean ever (money is DIRTY)
-some of the skin has worn off of my hand from rubberbanding millions of dollars together.
-the rest of the skin is now turning to callouses (sp)
-I look at my coworkers hands and want to vomit
-I have to wear a smock so my clothes don't get "caught in the money counters." However, said smock is an XXL, so it, in turn, gets stuck in/on everything else.
-grizzled coworkers
+about the best money I'm gonna make in Erie
-happiness means more to me than money, as I'm quickly realizing, so I'm still gonna look for a job. this one is temporary (supposedly) anyway, I'm part time (also supposedly), and I get no benefits

my life in general:
+++++++two puppies to come home to after abovementioned job-Saffron and Fred (I didn't choose the latter's name, nor do I condone it)
+I bought Diary:A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk as a birthday present to myself, and I love it so far
-don't know what I'm going to do with the Avenger...want it?
-don't know what I'm going to do with all my old furniture...want it?
+/-I'm cooking sesame chicken for dinner tonight. I'm undecided as to whether that is a + or a - because I've never attempted it before.

I suck at conclusions, so...
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